Total Engagement for Shopping Destinations

A quick line to say that at 11am tomorrow (Wed 27th), I am running the third and final webinar in our series. This will cover ‘Total Engagement’ for shopping centres. It focuses on digital and social media planning, delivery and support for the Centre, its retailers and shoppers.

What has become very clear after many months of research is that the vast majority of shopping destinations are woefully under prepared to be able to cope with social media delivery ??? and their digital management is failing to meet the expectations of shoppers and retailers.

We have found:

1) Over 50% of of all online traffic now stems from shoppers using smartphones and tablets yet ?ΔΆ

2) More than 50% of shopping centres are still investing in websites that are not designed for mobile and do not work for the shopper

3) Almost 90% of retailers are nowhere to be seen on shopping centre websites ??? again, a massive failing of those designing and managing Centre sites

4) For the majority, Social Media ‘engagement’ is a token gesture, at best delivered five days-a-week ??? and half have no social media policy or delivery code


These findings are based on analysis of the digital and social media delivery of 200+ shopping centres across the UK’s largest portfolios. In short, those in control of budgets and in the decision-making process are either ignorant of the facts, unaware of what is happening or unwilling to embrace the changes in the media landscape.

As a Portas Pilot Mentor, I’m aware the project has come under close scrutiny and significant criticism. I see digital and social media engagement as the very foundation of what needs to be done (and done well) to best support retailers and shoppers at a community level ??? whether in a shopping centre or a town centre.

Many see digital and social media engagement as an unnecessary evil. It is absolutely essential for shopping destinations, for retailers and shoppers ??? and I want to share insights to help those who are willing to listen. You can register at [link removed as it has expired] – and if you are unable to dial in tomorrow, please re-visit the link to be able to listen to the webinar at a convenient time later. (For info, the first two webinars on ‘What Your Shoppers Want’ and ‘What Retailers Need’ are available to access.

In short, this is about improving shopper numbers, engagement and advocacy ??? for the benefit of centre owners, centres, retailers, shoppers and their communities.

Hope you are able to join us.

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